Tony & the Torpedoes

Inducted in 2020

In the summer of 1995, Tony started up the Torpedoes. Over the years, he's had a number of stellar Tucson players do "Torpedo duty", but there's always been a core sound. It's direct and heartfelt, soulful with a groove you could drive a truck through. The Torpedoes have developed a very loyal following, not to mention a lot of musicians who stop by to sit in. We're definitely a musician's band. Even with the basic line-up of current Torpedoes, we also have a pool of players who come in to add their creativity--their soul--their sound-- to ours. Hell, on any given night you might see two or three extra Torpedoes! The last steady members of the Torpedoes were the folks listed below. The band was retired in Jan. of 2013 doing our last show at what was then The Boondocks Lounge run by Bill and Cathy. There were others over the years including Richard Gomez, Steve Grams, Jerome Kimsey, Carla Brownlee, Larry Diehl, Bryan Dean, Ed DeLucia, Anna Warr, Danny Krieger, and on and on. There are more.

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